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A sense of clarity

Once again Dany Widmer and his team had set themselves a new challenge: transforming the rooms of a privately used modern newbuild with four hundred square metres of floor space into a prestigious yet cosy home. The owner had very specific requirements and a precise idea of how he wanted his future home to look: clear lines, beautiful surfaces, a harmonious look and feel with a touch of the extravagant. Widmer Wohnen took on the entire planning and implementation and Dany Widmer produced hand sketches for his client during each phase in order to illustrate every detail and make the planning process transparent.

The spacious dining room illustrates the discreet luxury of the colour concept and choice of materials that make up the entire interior design. The calm, dark colour of the natural stone – ‘Brown Antique Original’ by Real Stein – runs throughout the floorspace, rising to higher levels at the open fireplace and by the bathtub, culminating in the attractive sculptural highlight: the bar. Makassar ebony and grey leather further refine the concept with delicate nuances. The furniture in the bathroom and kitchen – hidden behind the bar – have white, high-gloss surfaces, creating a bright contrast and puristic-looking appearance which never looks cold. Lilac-illuminated glass adds a refined yet reserved touch of colour.

The considered and compellingly designed living atmosphere is also celebrated in the open-plan living room. The upholstered furniture invites you to linger, the carpet lends the room a cosy feel yet the combination of dark natural colours and glossy white gives the space a touch of modern elegance that defines the entire space in ever-changing variations. The bold design of the suspended cheminée is impressive in its simplicity. Dany Widmer has taken the time to sample and select all of the materials used together with his client. Every last detail is well thought out. Nothing was left to chance. This was the only way to create an interior that feels and fits like a second skin and that is therefore one of a kind.

Time and time again Dany Widmer manages to tap into his clients’ sense of style and reflect this in his interpretations. The client benefits from the fact that their wishes are always the top priority. The overall appearance of the space expresses this very clearly.