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Ancient Jewel

A bathtub made of luxurious wood, well-formed and soft as a palm stone, pristine wooden beam, harmoniously contrasting with the distinctive chrome steel cylinder of the spacious shower, a sophisticated lighting concept for elaborate light and shadow effects: The tactile and visual effects in the bathroom alone immediately make a positive impression. Open, clear and modern, yet homely and inviting, and traditional is the concept that Widmer Wohnen skilfully implemented in an Appenzell farmhouse. The challenges of low room height and static constraints were mastered in such a way that an impression of effortless lightness is created.

The design of the rooms follows a coordinated dramaturgy. Loving details put individual areas in the limelight – Appenzell’s ‘bells’ return as a reference to their homeland in front of the natural stone walls of the ‘Texture Collection’ from real stone. The bar stands out for its extraordinary ideas – illuminated onyx, spruce worked by Dany Widmer himself with a chainsaw, and cabinets covered with Appenzell cowhide – which create a harmonious overall impression. The task of carrying out a comprehensive renovation and retaining the character was a perfect success.

The kitchen is the centre of family life. This is where people cook, talk, celebrate, and enjoy – here, durable materials are the first choice, such as the ‘Chlötzliparkett’ (parquet flooring), which appears again and again in the house like a basic motif. Widmer Wohnen has consciously decided to use native woods. The wall coverings are mostly made of spruce wood, which was chopped in a way to create the special surface structure. Traditional materials were applied in a modern interpretation throughout the interior design. The kitchen also shows the hand-picked material and its implementation: The worktops are made of polished natural stone with broken edges, the cabinets can be opened with robust leather handles, and the unexpected highlight is an open fireplace.

The room layout of the existing house had to remain unchanged even after the renovation. This resulted in unusual spaces with an unconventional character and perfect craftsmanship. Dany Widmer once again proves his knack for creative solutions.