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Interior Design
Bleicherweg 7
8002 Zürich
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We are Widmer Wohnen

High-end interior design is our passion and has been for decades. We treat each project as a masterpiece, with an unwavering focus on all key details. For an interior design to be perfect, the lighting, acoustics, colours and technology must blend effortlessly with the shape of the room.

We turn raw materials
into one-of-a-kind interiors.


Wood is a living material. Our exclusive designs give spaces a life of their own.


Metal combines aesthetic appeal with functionality. We use metal to create unique design features and pieces of furniture.

Natural stone

No two stones are the same, and each one is a monument to the past. It reveals its fascinating history every time you look at it.


Lighting brings a room to life. That’s why we create lighting concepts that lend a special character to every area.


Textiles can transform a space. They catch the eye to create a sense of cosiness and personal space.


Colours are the heart of any interior design. We create colour palettes from elegant classics, contemporary natural shades or the latest bold trends.

Discover the feel and scent of wood

Our one-of-a-kind pieces made from this living material give spaces a life of their own.

Brushed metal surfaces

We use special technologies to treat our metal surfaces, giving them a feel unlike any other.

Eye-catching copper-style fittings

We tailor fittings to match their surrounding surfaces, coating them with exquisite complementary shades.

Lighting for the perfect atmosphere

We bring rooms to life using stylish lighting.